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Our recipe queen Stella Kaufman reveals her favourite resources

author iconBy Posted May 1, 2016


One of the keys to achieving your Broadway body is being able to prepare some of your own food. While eating out some of the time is necessary for most people, if you’re eating out EVERY meal, it could be hard to keep your nutrition dialed in. Not to mention it gets expensive!

Different people have different comfort levels with cooking. For some people, cooking is already something they do regularly and enjoy. For others, it’s a daunting mountain to climb.

Fear not! At Mark Fisher Fitness, we’ve slowly introduced hundreds of Ninjas to the joys of cooking.

While you may be tempted to skip this part, take heed, dear Ninja. If you want to create your Broadway body in a way you can sustain, it’s crucial to build your diet around foods and meals you actually like to eat. By investing the time and energy to find and perfect some recipes you genuinely love, you’ll be well situated to eating well for the long haul.

Although everyone needs a different amount of variety to feel happy, we recommend everyone have at least 5-12 different meals in your cooking arsenal. If you’re not sure where to begin, here’s a helpful list of recommended websites from Stella Kaufman, an MFF Ninja who helps us make sure all the Ninjas know where to begin when taking up cooking.

My Broadway Body Recipe Resources – by Stella Kaufman is an awesome resource for women’s fitness and health. GGS was started by some powerhouses in the fitness field, including one of MFF’s favorite guest trainers, Neghar Fonooni. Sign up for the free recipe book from their website! You will not be sorry you did!

Another Ninja favorite is This website has some healthy and delicious recipes, many of which are super easy, even for beginners! Take a look!

If you are really serious about getting/keeping that Broadway body, get your OAMC (Once A Month Cooking) on the blog, Stuff I Make My Husband. Don’t let the title fool you—this site is amazing. What makes this website so awesome (there are many OAMC websites) is that because the OAMC recipes are based on the Whole30 program, the recipes are dairy free and gluten free, and they are delicious and include instructions for storing in the freezer, if you want to do OAMC. (If you like dairy, just add some cheese! There are no laws…).

If you are asking yourself, “Why the fuck would I want to cook for a month in advance?” Think about it. Maybe you are committed to eating healthy when you start rehearsals, or go into tech. Instead of ordering in, you have something healthy already prepared. Just heat that shit up! (Tip: One Sunday afternoon with a friend and some prior organization, you can cook for a month in a few hours!)

Bestselling fitness expert and author Adam Bornstein has some crazy delicious recipes on his blog, Born Fitness. From breakfasts to late night desserts, he’s got some recipes that are so good, you can’t believe they’re healthy!

There is also our own MFF Tasty Ninja (Recipes) page on Facebook. This page was lovingly designed with Ninjas in mind, and there are many all-time Ninja favorites. There is something tasty for every Ninja. Most are super easy to make, and all will help you keep that Broadway Body!

Keep Calm and Cook, Ninjas!

If this feels like a big mountain to climb, you are not alone. As mentioned, sometimes cooking is the single biggest barrier for Ninjas seeking health and hotness.

In addition to the websites listed above, this is a great topic for our Community Forum. If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed, come and post on the site and the team will help you find solutions for your particular situation!