Can You Lose Weight With Home Workouts?

Learn these different types of workouts for different stages of your fitness journey

author iconBy Posted May 1, 2016


The short answer is yes, you can get great weight loss results with home workouts (and a good diet).

The main one’s are:

  • Bodyweight
  • Basic equipment.


If you’re unfamiliar, bodyweight workouts just leverage your bodyweight for resistance. Your body is not used to a stimulus yet. So even combining exercises like push ups, squats, planks, and glute bridges can work wonders for weight loss.

Once you feel like you’ve hit a plateau with bodyweight workouts, you can add in some basic equipment.

Basic equipment

Basic pieces of equipment like resistance bands are great tools to keep you progressing. Also, the light weight and easy portability makes them great for performers to travel with.

If you choose to add equipment into the mix, make sure you know how to use it safely.

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself and get injured. That’s the opposite of what you want for weight loss.

Take away’s

You can lose a ton of weight with home workouts and a good diet.
The most important thing is to keep finding ways to progress your workout.

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