Does Working Out Fasted Burn More Fat?

The full lesson on working out empty

author iconBy Posted May 1, 2016


If there’s no food in your stomach then your body has to burn fat stores for energy right?

Not quite. As it turns out, training with or without food makes zero difference to fat burning.

Working out fasted can have it’s place though. An important thing to consider, and probably the largest determinant of whether you train fasted or not, is how it makes you feel.

Some people feel sluggish and lethargic after breakfast, some people feel awesome. Some people don’t feel hungry in the morning, some people feel like they’re starving to death.

An important thing to consider is the intensity of your workout that day. Fasting for lighter workouts can be fine. But if you’ve got a hard ass workout coming up it’s a good idea to eat something.

If you do decide to eat, choose wisely. If you feel great after a bowl of porridge, chances are you respond to carbohydrates well. If you’re dropping to sleep, you may be less sensitive to insulin. You’d be better off with a protein and fat based breakfast, like eggs for example.

If your breakfast fills you with energy you’ll get so much more out of your workout. And if you put more effort in you’ll get better results out.

Take away’s

  1. Working out with or without food makes zero difference to fat burning. Base your breakfast on how it makes you feel.

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